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"We have learned that we cannot live alone, at peace; that our own well-being is dependent on the well-being of other nations, far away." -Franklin D. Roosevelt



For nearly two decades The Foundation for International Professional Exchange has facilitated the exchange of highly competent physicians and medical professionals between the United States and Ukraine. The first exchange, in 1991, brought three chiefs of staff from Chernihiv area hospitals to the United States for several weeks of collaboration with colleagues in their respective surgical specialties.

FIPE has sent American physicians, nurses, physical therapists, hospital administrators, pharmacists and other medically related specialists to collaborate with colleagues in Ukraine as well.Just as important, FIPE has facilitated the contribution of critically needed medications and medical equipment like mammogram and ultrasound machines, physical therapy rehabilitation devices, and even computers and printers to hospitals in Ukraine. We have also brought selected patients from these countries to U.S. medical centers for treatment not available in their own countries.


In 2006, through a relationship established through FIPE, the Top of the Lake Rotary Club in Mooresville, NC sponsored and helped to establish the first Rotary Club in Chernihiv. Twenty five community leaders in health care, banking, education, communications and business were selected to be charter members. The Chernihiv Rotary Club is active in local community and international projects.

Student Exchange

Perhaps one of the most important relationships FIPE has established is with the Foreign Languages Magnet School (FLMS) in Chernihiv, Ukraine. A spontaneous tour of the school in September 1991 led to over two decades of successful student and teacher exchanges. Students from FLMS have been hosted in North Carolina, Tennessee, Indiana and Iowa, and American students have enjoyed visiting their counterparts in Chernihiv.

In 1999 FIPE established an annual academic awards program for 10th and 11th grade students of FLMS. Awards are presented for academic excellence, sports accomplishments, school clubs, and a World Citizen award. Winners of the FIPE awards program are selected under the supervision of the Foreign Languages Magnet School administration, and receive a cash award, medallions and certificates. This is an ongoing, annual project.

In May 2011, seven middle-school students and two teachers from FLMS were hosted by students and their families at St. Mary School in Wilmington, North Carolina for 10 days. In addition to attending classes for one academic week, the group of Americans and Ukrainians went surfing, toured local museums and attractions, and enjoyed the 13-year old’s version of the “American Experience.” A reciprocal trip is planned from Wilmington to Chernihiv in spring 2012.

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