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"We have learned that we cannot live alone, at peace; that our own well-being is dependent on the well-being of other nations, far away." -Franklin D. Roosevelt



In 1999, Dr. Jim Smith of Pueblo, Co initiated a series of annual medical mission trips to Gonaives, Haiti made by physicians, nurses and parishioners of Pueblo’s Ascension Episcopal Church. Working in day clinics because electricity is unavailable in most areas, the medical teams provide treatment, surgeries and distribute medicine to 1200 patients on a typical 7- to- 10 day mission trip. Several FIPE board members are involved with these medical mission trips.

Over the years Gonaives, a city of over 350,000 people has seen the one public hospital serving the city completely destroyed twice during devastating hurricane flooding. The medical care infrastructure in the city is desperately inadequate.

After Hurricane Jeanne flooded the city in 2004 Dr. Smith asked St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation in Pueblo for its help to re-equip the hospital and to re-open its operating rooms. The result was a three-year grant from Catholic Health Initiative in support of this, sending a medical team each year to re-open and maintain the operating rooms, to treat patients, and to build a new clinic which was completed and dedicated in May, 2011 on the compound of St. Basil’s Episcopal Church and La Redemption School.

FIPE continues to support Health4Haiti projects and functioned as the primary source of go-between funding when Health4Haiti waited to obtain its 501C3 designation, which was finalized in 2011. FIPE’s President Emeritus sits on the Health4Haiti Board. See for information and/or you may contribute to the important work of Health4Haiti here on our website.

FIPE Goat Project

A community self-sustaining program

Public education is essentially unavailable in much of Haiti and, where it is available the facilities, staffing and academics tends to be inadequate. In the large, overwhelmingly impoverished city of Gonaives, Haiti most parents lack the financial ability to provide a quality education alternative for their children.

La Redemption School at St. Basil’s Episcopal Church in Gonaives, Haiti has an annual enrollment of 350 children every school year. Few families of these 350 children are able to pay for tuition, books, supplies, uniforms and lunch, and yet few children are turned away for lack of their ability to pay. The headmaster of La Redemption School has an enormous problem every school year trying to provide a safe environment, solid academics and feeding lunch to 350 kids who can’t afford tuition. Malnutrition in Haiti is pervasive - the Number 1 health risk, especially among children of school age – so it isn’t surprising that many parents want to send their children to a school where lunch, often the only meal they’ll receive in a day, is provided.

In 2006 FIPE initiated a goat project with the objective of creating a micro economic stimulus for the families of children who attend La Redemption School. We built a goat compound (fenced, concrete, with lots and lots of rebar), and a small goat herder’s house in the tiny rural village of Bayonnaise near Gonaives. FIPE pays for training the farmers and for the herder’s monthly salary. We buy goat feed and medicine and purchase Nubian breeding bucks. After the Haitian subsistence farmers are trained in goat husbandry they are given a pregnant goat. Because goats often bear twins, one goat is kept by the farmer and one is returned to the school’s compound to help sustain the school lunch program.

This project helps combat malnutrition among the school families by providing farmers a means of feeding their families, paying tuition and creating an economic stimulus in the community for food, education and self-esteem.

We are in constant need of funds for training the farmers ($100) and purchasing goats ($55.00). Giving goats in honor of friends and family makes wonderful Christmas gifts! If you’re interested in supporting this project, please visit our PayPal page to make a contribution. It is important that you specify the project you wish to contribute to – The Haiti Goat Project. Thank you for your support!

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